Chance launches with Pledge to Plant a Tree for every mailing list sign-up

New high-performance running apparel brand aims to use sustainable materials to improve every run without compromising the environment.

Chance, are launching their website with a pledge to plant a tree for every mailing list subscriber through their partner TreeNation, in a way that maximises environmental, social and economic impact. Along with this, subscribers will gain early, exclusive access to the kit when it launches in April, just in time for the Summer.

The first range, the AROW collection, is designed to race – using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques, proving that high-performance does not need to come at the cost of sustainability and the environment.

Christian Meier, co-founder of Chance, said “At Chance all of our goals are built around our environmental impact – success for us will be measured by the difference we can make to the planet through running. For us, and for the world, being carbon neutral is no longer enough. We wanted to launch the website in a way that really helped get this message across and, working with TreeNation, launched the #chancetoplant campaign to ensure a tree is planted for every subscriber who joins our journey.”

Tom Austen, co-founder of Chance, added “We want to positively impact the world through running. To build a community of environmentally and socially conscious runners, empower them to make a positive impact on the planet through a series of initiatives when they purchase our range of high-performance, low impact and ethically produced running kit – offsetting 200kg+ of carbon, planting two trees, removing 2kg of ocean-bound plastic for each item purchased.”

As part of the campaign, the Chance website creates a unique membership image for each subscriber, tallying the number of trees the community have planted so far and with an easily shareable function to raise awareness of the campaign and, ultimately, plant more trees.

To learn more and join the #chancetoplant campaign, visit or search @chancerunning on Instagram.

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