Chris McCormack re-signs with Orca

Double Ironman world champion Chris McCormack has signed a new three-year contract with long-term wetsuit sponsor Orca.

In re-signing with the New Zealand-based performance sportswear company, McCormack extends a relationship that dates back to 1995.

McCormack has raced in Orca wetsuits for virtually all of his professional career, and his new contract is believed to extend triathlon’s longest running sponsoring relationship.

In addition to racing in Orca wetsuits and non-wetsuit swim garments, McCormack will also wear Orca’s new swim goggles.

“Macca has been doing the Orca brand proud since I gave him his first Orca Speedsuit at the ITU world cup race in Auckland back in 1995,” explains Orca CEO Scott Unsworth.

“The Orca brand had just launched and Macca was amongst a group of up and coming athletes we started working with.

“We’re delighted that he’s staying with Orca. After his win at Kona, he is definitely a man in demand, and to see his commitment to staying with Orca is a credit to who he is as a person.

“Orca has had some great long-term sponsorships.

“Hamish Carter raced in Orca his entire career, and Craig Alexander has been with Orca for a long time. From the young short course triathlete in 1995 to the double Ironman world champion in 2010, we’ve been proud to be able to be a part of Macca’s success.”

McCormack will compete in Orca’s new 2011 Alpha and 3.8 Speedsuits and the RS1 Killa Swimskn, depending on the type of race.

“I can still remember when Scott offered me a wetsuit all those years ago,” says McCormack.

“I thought it was fantastic, and I couldn’t wait to race in it.

“Wetsuit design has moved on a bit since then, but a key part of my decision is that I still believe Orca is making the fastest wetsuits in triathlon.”

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