CIMSPA to raise £100k for Youth Sport Trust

CIMSPA will climb the UK’s three highest peaks in three days next June, to raise £100k for programmes run by Youth Sport Trust.

At least 24 members of the team will collectively be carrying the weight of one child at all school ages 5-16yrs symbolising that “no child is left behind,” while sporting inequalities continue to rise across the country.

The area you live in, household income and ethnicity are all major factors influencing the likelihood of a child being to participate in sport. And the situation is getting much worse in the UK. For example, volunteer numbers have dropped by 3.1 million since pre-Covid levels – a decline of over a third of all volunteers. Young people rely on volunteers to run sports clubs and activities.

Phill Wright, Head of Insight and Business Transformation at CIMSPA, said “In the 16 or so years I’ve worked in sport, my focus has been supporting adults. In the early days it was personal training, then running bootcamps followed by setting up a gym. Eventually I ended up at CIMSPA, working on data and insight.

“However, since being a parent I fight the daily battle of trying to encourage my two girls to make healthy choices for themselves, including getting involved in sport. I think many parents are in the same boat! I recognise the life-giving power that being healthy, active and finding a sport you love has on your life and the path you take. It gives confidence, a sense of belonging, builds resilience, is incredible for mental wellbeing and so much more, and that’s not even mentioning the physical benefits.”

For context:

• One in seven children are obese by the time they start school, increasing to one in four by the time they reach secondary school (NHS 2021)

• 90% of children don’t achieve the recommended daily activity levels (Sport England)

• Black, Asian and minority ethnic children are least likely to be active (Sport England)

• 30% of children are living in poverty (DWP 2020)

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