CL Distribution are a new distributor to the outdoor and sports world.

CL Distribution are a new distributor to the outdoor and sports world. Veteran owned the company is bring some of the most innovative products from around the world to sports and outdoor shops.

UK Distributors for the Fidlock essential range including the Hermetic Bags, Phone Mounts and best selling Fidlock Twist Bike Bottles to the sports and outdoor world. Alongside the Fidlock products, CL are UK Distributors for the AustriAlpin Climbing gear, Kong Italy Industrial and climbing gear, Modestone ECO friendly Stone Paper, Sodapup Dog toys and many more. With a manufacturing facility in the UK they also make own branded gear for the military, law enforcement and outdoor industry including the only government approved armour for dogs and specialist items for UK Counter Terror units.

One of the best products is the HERMETIC dry bags with patented Gooper® technology are the only hermetic self-sealing bags that fasten with a magnetic latching. Already selling fantastically well over the summer to specialist watersports shops, outdoor shops and surf shops, with demand at times outstripping supply.

The Hermetic bag
Uses a Intuitive Magnetic Closure
Biodegradable TPU Touch Screen
Waterproof IPX-8
Air & Gas Tight
Sand & Dust
Odor proof
Shatter proof
Thief & pick pocket proof
Child proof
Antibacterial ISO 22196
Food grade

There are lots of different variations of the bag including arm bands for running, chest bags, sling bags and a full range basic bag in all sizes.
Our patented magnetic strips are deceptively simple in look, yet sophisticated in design, using fully encapsulated neodymium magnets embedded in a variety of polymers.

The technology is based on simple science when you place two GOOPER magnetic strips next to each other and let go, they (click)smack together to create an instant, waterproof seal.

CL Distribution are a new distributor to the outdoor and sports world.

Fidlock uses the Patented Gooper Magnetic Closure that was chosen by Canada’s Thin Red Line Aerospace to provide key technology for a NASA project requiring the highest performance, resalable gas- and liquid-tight closure.
The bags are used extensively in the water sports industry and outdoor sports. They are also available to be branded up with your own logo and design and made to any size.

During the pandemic they have been used by thousands of medical professionals worldwide and are now on issue to specialist Police water borne units.
Fidlock have loads of new products planned for the next 12 months and CL will be distributing them alongside bringing more and more great brands to its distribution portfolio.

Sports insights will bring you an over view of some of their products

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