CLMBR launches second generation in-home machine

CLMBR, a leader in connected fitness technology, is off to a major start for the fall season.

This month, the brand brings to market the second iteration of its vertical climbing machine available for pre-order now, opens a second studio in Los Angeles and launches a new Special Guest content series.

This new generation of CLMBR boasts several updates, as well as upgrades to its technology, most notably, CLMBR Vision. CLMBR Vision gives users the ability to access live, dynamic coaching and feedback while they exercise, including off-machine strength rep counting, form adjustments, etc.

CLMBR, which counts Jay-Z, Odell Beckham Jr., Novak Djokovic, and Ryan Seacrest amongst its investors, is a disruptor in the at home fitness industry and continues to push the limits of connected fitness technology and design. Aside from CLMBR Vision, new features include a simplified center console, improved handles that let users adjust positioning for ease, optimized hardware for a more ergonomic experience and easier assembly, plus a new display with a thinner profile, crisper graphics, and high-quality optically bonded touch LED layer.
Additionally, users will have an even more efficient workout with enhanced resistance strength, giving the option for a more challenging routine. Improvements have also been made to the sound quality, giving the user a more robust sight and sound experience. A full list of all new features can be found below.

“We are thrilled to announce this new generation of CLMBR and push the boundaries of innovation within our category. Staying ahead of the curve and consistently improving is a vital part of our brand identity and we can’t wait for our customers to enjoy this new experience with CLMBR.” says CLMBR Co-Founder and CEO, Avrum Elmakis.

Elmakis founded CLMBR after he realized that climbing was a low-impact cardio workout that helped him feel strong, fast, and efficient without the wear and tear of traditional cardio exercise. He began working on a smarter, more dynamic climbing machine with high quality build and a low level of required maintenance. The machine works over 86% of the body’s muscles without the strain caused by traditional workouts. A low-impact workout does not mean a low-quality workout, with CLMBR, users burn more calories in 30 minutes than with cycling, running, or rowing. It is truly a workout that works for almost all body types, ages, or fitness levels.

With the roll-out of 02, CLMBR introduces Special Guest Collections – a group of notable, fitness-inclined ambassadors from the world of sports, music, and entertainment that will co-lead classes for on-machine and off-machine workouts. The first group in this collective include Brooke Burke, DJ Ruckus and Chari Hawkins – with new faces announced each month. Content will be available exclusively through the CLMBR Premium Membership starting this September.

CLMBR 02 will be available on and priced at $2,799 on November 1, with special pre-order pricing of $2,295, launching September 1 through October 31. Machines will begin shipping in December 2022. In-person, group fitness classes are available at CLMBR’s studios in Denver and in West Hollywood, LA.

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