Coaches, trainers and practitioners back performance brand bringing new muscle to professional sport

A collection of world-leading elite sport coaches and practitioners have given a resounding stamp of approval, following an exclusive investment round in BFR wearable brand, Hytro. 50 top level coaches have backed the strength and recovery company with personal investment, and their reputable insight to drive future growth.

Since launching in 2019, Hytro has burst into changing rooms and gyms across a wide range of Premier League and National football teams, Premiership Rugby clubs, and has recently become first pick for a number of F1, cricket and tennis stars.

Investors include the likes of former Wales and Lions Rugby Union captain Sam Warburton along with Bradley Scanes, known as Max Verstappen’s Performance Coach, and Jordan Milsom, former Head of Fitness at Aston Villa and Rangers FC. Other investors include coaches of GB Basketball, the Lawn Tennis Association and Newcastle United, who have seen value in the UK owned BFR wearable brand.

The invite only Seedrs campaign was created to reward the confidence that coaches and practitioners have had in the product already, giving these early adopters an exclusive opportunity to share in the future financial successes that will inevitably come from these partnerships. With resounding success, it seems that Hytro will have a big part to play in the future of recovery in elite sports. The capped £150k pledged was seen as a pre-funding raise that will see the BFR brand look to bring in an estimated £1 million more in 2023 to continue expanding globally, having now obtained the backing of some of the leading voices in professional sport.

With an enviable list of coaches invested in the brand, Hytro will now tap into the expertise and insights from their new shareholders to continue growing awareness around occlusion training. The focus is to put the innovative product in more coaches’ hands so that they can push the limits of the device, help find new applications for BFR training within sport, and partner on published academic research to prove the efficacy of blood flow restriction under new training conditions. In addition to practical proof points, these insights will be fed by the Hytro team into the product development pipeline for future iterations of its BFR wearables.

Hytro is the first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearable designed specifically to improve sports performance through occlusion. Hytro has been working with pro athletes with their BFR wearables, proven to significantly accelerate recovery and improve athletic performance. As the brand continues to expand, they will use the investment from the 50 pledges and their knowledge and expertise to continue opening new doors that will see Hytro become a must have product for elites and amateurs looking to improve their sports performance.

Raj Thiruchelvarajah, CEO and Co-Founder of Hytro, commented: “When building Hytro, it became clear that insight from those at the very top of elite sport would be our proof of concept. Getting the seal of approval from some of the world’s best coaches and practitioners, and having them invest their hard earned cash is a huge boost for our future plans.

As we grow rapidly, we are seeing more and more elite clubs from around the globe sending inbound requests to bring Hytro into their recovery and performance schedules, this funding will support efforts to meet the growing demand for getting more product into athletes’ hands.

With a vast number of training and recovery benefits to be gained from BFR, we’re also looking to future markets across amateur athletes and healthcare industries to improve the user’s quality of life, no matter their goal.”

The revolutionary BFR company supports elite sport clubs with their simple and practical BFR solutions, using Active and Passive BFR methods with convenience. Hytro is currently being used by Belgium and USA national football teams, 11 Premier League football clubs including West Ham United, Newcastle United and Everton FC along with England Cricket, Leicester Tigers, Ospreys Rugby, St Helens RL, and Alpine F1.

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