Coast to coast: seven women from across the globe take on epic desert adventure

A brand new documentary follows seven members of the ASICS FrontRunner team as they complete an incredible coast to coast adventure. Crossing from Dubai to the Oman Coast in just four days, the runners completed an exhausting 180km – the equivalent of running four marathons in four days. Battling bustling cities, dangerous mountains and intense desert heat – the once in a lifetime experience has been made into a short film, launching on February 17, 2019.

The group – which consisted of seven different nationalities from three separate continents – included a real estate agent, a mechanical engineer and a sports therapist. Ranging from non-professionals to top athletes, the ASICS FrontRunner community are a collective of runners from across the globe who have come together to promote ASICS’ philosophy of ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ (Anima sana in corpore sano).

Despite having not run together and having varying abilities, the women all had the common goal of conquering the harsh and unknown terrains. Adding to the extreme elements, the run was made even more challenging by virtue of the fact that the majority of the group had never ran in the desert and some had not even ran a marathon.

The journey was no mean feat, with 27 degree desert heat causing havoc – especially for those who hadn’t ran in such dry conditions before and all but two of the runners had come from much colder climates. As well as battling dehydration and heat exhaustion, the team also faced issues at the Oman border crossing and had the unenviable task of self-navigating in foreign territory.

Available to view on February 17, the documentary follows the journey of the runners – tracking them along every step of the epic four day adventure. From endless sand dunes to trekking through completely unchartered terrain – the 30 minute film captures the stunning natural beauty of UEA and Oman, as well as providing a candid insight into the camaraderie and friendship of the team.

The group, who were representatives of the ASICS’ FrontRunner team, all used the new ASICS GEL-FujiTrabuco 7 during the run. With the route springing many unforseen obstacles, the GEL-FujiTrabuco 7 played a vital role in helping the team navigate their way through the diverse terrains which ranged from sand dunes to mountain pathways.

ASICS FrontRunner Holly Rush, said: “Running from Dubai to Oman was an experience I will never forget. I have been lucky enough to run in some amazing places all over the world but this trip was an assault on the senses. We to had battle high temperatures and unknown trails, but there were so many new cultures to experience as well. The desert and mountains of UAE and Oman threw everything they had at us but we made it to the end!”

The upcoming ASICS FrontRunner applications will open on February 14, 2019, where ASICS will begin its global search for 120 new members. To apply, please go to

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