Danish Euro Jersey 2024 pays homage to 1,535 football clubs

The new jersey for the Danish men’s national team at this summer’s Euros in Germany pays homage to the vibrant culture of Danish football associations, featuring the names of all 1,535 football clubs affiliated with Danish Football Association (DBU) printed on the jersey’s inside.

When Rasmus Højlund, Jonas Wind, Joakim Mæhle, and the rest of the Danish national football stars put on the red and white Denmark jersey this summer in Germany, they’ll bring along the hopes and dreams of the thousands of small football clubs stationed throughout the country.

In collaboration with DBU, the team’s long-time kit sponsor, hummel, has sought to pay special tribute to Danish club culture with a new national team jersey designed to symbolize the Danish football community featuring the name of each of the 1535 football clubs affiliated with the Danish Football Association proudly listed inside the jersey.

“The new national team jersey represents the heart and soul of Danish football – our fantastic club culture. By incorporating the names of all 1535 Danish football clubs into the national team jersey, we aim to acknowledge and celebrate the countless volunteers, players, and local communities that work tirelessly every day for the children and youth. The design of the jersey serves to remind us that the national team is so much more than the players on the pitch; it is also the thousands of clubs that form the entire foundation of Danish football,” said hummel’s CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen.

Jakob Høyer, interim Commercial Director at the DBU, added: “With record-high membership numbers in Danish football clubs, interest has never been higher, and together with hummel, we are incredibly proud to present a national team jersey that symbolizes our unique football community. It’s a testament that the national team stands on the shoulders of thousands of clubs – being those big or small. The new national team jersey is our way of thanking all the amazing football clubs in Denmark.”

Squares of diversity
Beyond the club names printed on the inside, the jersey features a unique square design in varying shades of red. This design detail serves as a visual expression of the diversity of the many football clubs coming together to form the Danish football community. And this message resonates positively with Peter Møller, Football Director at the DBU.

“We are committed to be the team that represents all of Denmark, to inspire children and youth, and to show them how football can unite us. It’s not only about winning, even though that’s the national team’s primary role, but football can do so many things – and we are all interconnected in the Danish football system. When a child steps onto the local football pitch, they’re not just joining a club; they become part of a larger story about Danish football that spans from local communities to the national team – something we must never forget or take for granted.”

Denmark’s new national team jersey will see its debut in Saturday’s test game against Switzerland at Parken Stadium. As part of hummel’s and the DBU’s tribute to the Danish club culture, the children escorting the players onto the pitch for this game will wear jerseys from local football clubs designated as DBU Children’s Clubs, where an extra effort is made for children’s football.



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