Mountain Equipment have historically always put considerable effort into sourcing quality down for all its products, then in 2009 the company made a promise to committing as much time and effort into addressing environmental, ethical and welfare concerns within its supply chains as they did to acquiring the very best materials and making the best products.

Down Codex® has now reached its 10th anniversary giving the company the perfect opportunity to showcase how much it matters, the influence it has had, and the progress made
First Steps – The company discovered that down supply chains were very complex and quite hard to navigate as they were starting from scratch and there were no standards , no auditing schemes, very little industry knowledge and few if any case studies. They took their lead from UK’s leading welfare animal charity, the RSPCA, and the International Down & Feather Laboratory (IDFL).
Happy Geese Project, 2009 – with RSPCA guidance & working closely with IDFL the company conducted its first site visit in 2010 in Northern China and the ‘Happy Geese Project’ which would eventually become Codex, was in motion.

Today – The Down Codex® operates on four key principles. Its key aim is to manage and reduce risk in the down supply chain by constantly working to develop knowledge and best practice, backed by ‘comprehensive and transparent auditing’ These commitments have been met by actually visiting farms, slaughterhouses, processors and factories and ME was the first brand in the world to introduce a system of on-the-ground audits and the only brand to make them publicly available online.

Looking Ahead – Mountain Equipment is very proud that Down Codex® has since influenced and been joined by many other down traceability and welfare policies. Whilst the down industry remains complex traceability has increased tremendously and public awareness of issues in the down industry have never been higher – thanks to the tireless groundwork and subsequent massive steps forward achieved by the company.
Trace Your Down – All of the insulated garments are 100% traceable each one has a 12-digit code printed on the Down Codex® stamped label inside providing the wearer access to specific information on the product. This is further testimony to the company’s commitment to full transparency and proof of the work carried out so far to keep the promise made in 2009.

Mountain Equipment – know they are nowhere near the summit yet, but they are a long way up the hill and have learnt a lot from 10 years of Codex and ultimately if you care enough and want to change something – then you can.


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