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At long last the lighter evenings and some warmer weather; have arrived. Marathon season is in full swing and any of you who took part in the London Marathon I hope you had a great time.

People will be looking to get out of the cold weather training kit to something a bit lighter. But running is a wide and varied church, so Jonathan Quint asks the question “What do runners want?”

Paul Sherratt also takes a look at the changing face of the sports wholesaler. With new technology popping up seemingly all the time,

Fiona Bugler looks at the rise of podcasting, why it’s a great medium for sports marketeers, and shares an idiot’s guide to getting started. Is acting on impulse something you can influence?

Paul Clapham looks at the ways you can boost your sales with some handy advice. We also speak to Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott about her career and life on the slopes as well as snooker legend Stephen Hendry. I hope you enjoy reading this

I hope you enjoy reading the Apr/Mar issue.

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