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I hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit. Well as much as you can with all the Brexit shenanigans going on! A deal has been agreed between the EU and Prime Minister
Theresa May. At last everyone shouts – well maybe not. We are, it seems, no nearer a finalised deal. The Irish border is still a stumbling block and dissent on the Conservative back benches is simmering. So no change! We just keep calm and carry on. The deal appears not to be liked by just about anyone and the likelihood of it passing a vote in Parliament look very slim or just down right impossible. Well we will Ḁnd out in a couple of weeks, so again, it’s just wait and see.

So to take your minds off it all – what do we have in Sports Insight this month? Paul Sherratt investigates the changing face of Sports Direct and its intention to become the Selfridges of the sports trade. Feeling social? Well Fiona Bugler takes a look at how Strava are working behind the scenes to grow their online community into a social network where you can share posts, add video and create groups. She examines the implications for the bigger landscape and ever-changing world of online social networking. I hope you enjoy reading the December issue..

But on a brighter note have you seen our new magazine Running Forum. If you haven’t picked one up yet you can pop along to and download a free copy now.


I hope you enjoy reading the December edition of Sports Insight

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