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I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

We look ahead to an uncertain 2017 with the challenges of Brexit and sterling that seems to go up and down daily.

However, it is difficult to see through the many different viewpoints – with hard, soft and red, white and blue Brexits.
There are people who think things are going to be hard, those who say there will be no difference and those who see great opportunities ahead.
I think the message is keep calm and carry on.

This month Paul Sherratt looks at diversifying from a straight sports store to include schoolwear to bring in another revenue stream for your business.
Despite the uncertainty ahead Wayne Howarth, Goal’s sport brand manager believes the sky’s the limit for the company.

We also look back at STAG’s Winter Buying Shows and ahead to ISPO Munich.

Let’s hope for a good year ahead.

Mark Hayhurst, Editor

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