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Has Spring finally sprung now the Beast from the East has sloped off over the horizon. It certainly didn’t feel like it when I was digging my car out of the snow! But the weather
did have an impact on business with people unable to get to stores, delayed deliveries and even the cancellation of the Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show.
However, hopefully warmer weather is on the way and it will encourage everyone to get out, get active and buy some new kit!

And the weather obviously made it difficult for sales
reps to go and see clients. But should you go for reps or sales agents? Paul Sherratt looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both roles for an employer.

In the world of social media marketing, Jonathan Quint wants companies to step away from the crowd and customise their output. Are you a boutique business, thinking of setting one up or don’t know what they are?

Then Fiona Bugler takes a look at this niche and focused business model. And if you find yourself suddenly needing a career change – Tony James talks to former Nottingham rugby star David Jackson about career-ending injury and moving into calisthenics.

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