DW Fitness First and Reebok partner to shake up the female fitness space

DW Fitness First and Reebok have joined forces to celebrate women in the fitness domain and inspire positive exercise habits amongst females.

The partnership kicks off with the launch of Reebok brand ambassador Danielle Peazer’s dance inspired workout series based on the ‘Danielle Peazer Method’ – five free to stream ten-minute confidence boosting workouts enabling thousands of women across the UK to ‘train like a dancer.’

Danielle Peazer, dancer and Reebok ambassador, has created the bespoke workouts based on the ‘Danielle Peazer Method’- offering women an alternative style of fitness programme which tones the body in the same way as a professional dancer.

The workout series, developed with DW Fitness First experts, will roll out in five ten-minute segments from January to May culminating in one 50-minute routine, which will be available to stream for free on multiple channels including DW Fitness First’s ‘CORE’ app and MTV.

DW Fitness First’s 2019 Trend Report recently revealed that women still feel intimidated on the gym floor. The surge in popularity of online and at home workouts was also highlighted in the 2018 Mintel Leisure Report which revealed that online workouts are most popular with 16-24-year-old women.

The Danielle Peazer dance inspired workout series has been created to empower women to make fitness part of their way of life – on their own terms, either in the comfort of their own home or at the gym. Also for those women who’re just starting out when it comes to exercising, the workouts are designed to give them the confidence to try something new in 2019.

In a bid to make the workouts as accessible as possible, women across the UK will be able to access the videos for free at home or in gym via DW Fitness First’s channels including the free CORE app and via MTV. Whilst DW Fitness First members will be able to take part in the workouts via interactive screens within the gyms.

Danielle Peazer said: “Dancing is the ultimate way to work out and I’m excited to have been invited to help launch the collaboration between Reebok and DW Fitness First. The Danielle Peazer Method focuses on empowering women through exercise whist having fun and getting fit.

“The series of workouts has been inspired by my training as a dancer and combines traditional HIIT exercises alongside more stylised moves, designed to make you feel great and keep your endorphins flowing long after you finish.”

Tim Andrews, Head of Gym Floor Experience at DW Fitness First, said: “January is a time for people to refocus on getting back into good fitness habits. Dance is the perfect mood enhancing activity, combined with HIIT style training it raises the heart rate and releases feel-good endorphins. Most importantly it’s fun, and the greater the enjoyment of physical activity the more likely people are to turn it into a habit. This collaboration is one of the ways we at DW Fitness First strive to bring our members new and engaging ways to work out.”

HIIT workouts have long been proven the most effective way of working out, especially for the time poor, no longer do gym goers need to spend hours in the gym but instead opt for short and sharp entertaining classes or workouts which ensure that they continue to burn calories post session.

Each workout also showcases Reebok’s Spring Summer 19 capsule collections, available to purchase from DW Sports in store and online
The videos will be available from January 24, 2019.

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