Dymatize launches new website with elevated user experience, improved shopability

Dymatize, the world’s most trusted sports nutrition brand, announced today the launch of its newly redesigned website, packed with product recommendations, fitness and nutrition resources, and macro-friendly recipes.

Dymatize’s easy-to-use site navigation boasts a simple interface where users can interact with unique curated content that is categorized by performance goals. The website also features a streamlined, where-to-buy user experience to conveniently search and locate products, both in-store and online.

“In the past two years, we’ve conducted significant market research to better understand how our brand is perceived and, more importantly, what our customers want and need. The output of our research inspired us to redesign the look and feel of our website and social pages,” said Priya Kumar, Director of Marketing at Dymatize. “My team worked hard alongside our highly-skilled digital marketing agencies to design an online experience that is a better reflection of our brand today and gives our consumers the right information to meet their performance goals.”

The website’s redesign is one of many digital updates for Dymatize as the brand has also revamped its social content strategy to better engage with consumers. There will be additional site functionality launching in April, most excitingly, a macro calculator that provides suggested macronutrient targets based on users’ habits and goals.

“We’re really proud of what our team has developed,” Kumar added. “Our new digital footprint does a great job showcasing the Dymatize brand in an engaging, powerful way.”

To visit the new site or to learn more about Dymatize and its products, visit

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