Dynafit takes responsible steps

Mountain endurance specialist Dynafit will adopt a new approach for Summer 2021 – one different from what it has been known for in the sports market.

Eighty per cent of the current 2020 summer collection from the segments apparel, footwear and equipment will be carried over to next year. Products will be complemented by select new items such as with the first DNA Summer Collection for the Trail Running segment as well as new colourways for existing items and product lines.

Dynafit wants to give a clear signal with this step in order to give its premium products their appropriate value and to support retail partners in this complicated economic situation.

Benedikt Böhm, Dynafit managing director, said: “Our products will not get old. That is the clear message that we want to send our retail partners with this step. We want to prevent our retailers from being forced to sell our products at a loss to be able to clear their inventory. Thus, we made the decision to carry over a large part of our current summer collection into 2021.

“Meaning our products must not end up in the summer end-of-season sales because they will still be current next year. We want to avoid inventory devaluation. We will complement the current collection with a few selected new products as well as new colourways for existing items in both the Trail Running and Athletic Mountaineering segments.

“That will allow them to still have a fresh overall look in Summer 2021 despite carrying over 80 per cent. In addition, we will put an even stronger focus on the Trail Running segment.”

The highlight for Summer 2021 is the innovative DNA Collection, developed especially for trail running races.

This encompasses a total of 11 new products for men and women in the areas of footwear , apparel and equipment. Together, they build an ideally coordinated performance system for demanding mountain endurance athletes. Current items will also be available in new colours.

For example, the Ride Collection for mountain bikers, which was new on the market for summer 2020, will be available in an additional colourway. In doing so, designers have placed the highest value on the “mix & match” principle. New products will match perfectly with carry-over items and can be combined with them without difficulty.

Böhm added: “Dynafit stands for light, technical products with which athletes can move quickly and efficiently on the mountain. In the process, aesthetics at Dynafit never come up short, and our customers appreciate our athletic and unmistakable look.

“Dynafit products don’t have a half-life of just a few months. Nothing in our product promise will change for summer 2021, and our customers can look forward to a strong collection.”

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