Eleiko Prestera continues to reinvent the possibilities for strength spaces

Eleiko has expanded its Prestera System to include a complete Rig offering.

The Prestera Strength System applies Eleiko’s 60 years of strength expertise, consolidating a range of training methods – from free weights to body weights to cable training – into one complete system.
This expansion introduces distinctive new configuration options, blurring the lines between traditional racks, rigs, and cable machines, helping facilities do more with their space.

“The Prestera System aligns with today’s training preferences, whether in a high-performance facility or a commercial gym and is designed with rigour and expertise, keeping the lifter at the centre for the ultimate training experience,” said Erik Blomberg. “With the expanded Prestera System, we can help customers cater to their athlete needs and client training preference in ways that better utilise their space and distinguish their facilities and training experiences.”

Combining various training methods into one solution helps create dynamic training environments with quick exercise transitions and efficient facility flow. Smart storage solutions keep free weights, attachments and accessories at the lifter’s fingertips for more effective and efficient training sessions and positive experiences.

“Building strength utilising various methods is essential for training athletes and gym-goes alike,” said Oskar Ragvald, Eleiko Director of Sales Operations. “Working with our expanded Prestera range, we can create opportunities for our customers through more training variety, improved space efficiency, and navigating flow and floorplan challenges creating attractive and effective spaces that cater to the ways people want to train.”

Opening new possibilities

The Prestera Strength System is distinguished by its modular construction, and with geometry, design language, attachments, and framework pieces shared across the system, bridging the spectrum from racks to rigs. While modular, Prestera presents as cohesive and complete, with an inviting streamlined aesthetic optimised for lifting.

New framework pieces further expand the possibilities for creating distinctive space-efficient designs. A collection of angled and straight crossbars mount to the top of the uprights for a clean yet robust design. New 45-degree brackets change rig build direction to support new configurations, while stainless steel upright options offer precision height adjustments and exceptional durability. Integrating the Prestera Cable Attachment into rig configurations, Eleiko adds new dimensions to training and floorplan configurations. The attachment and storage ranges work in traditional rig, rack or hybrid designs, so elements can be moved around, evolving the space to suit customer needs.

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