Eleiko transforms Nottingham University gym

The University of Nottingham is one of the leading universities in the UK. Awarded the University of the Year in 2022, it offers some of the best Sports Science courses in the UK and boasts 37 on-site sporting facilities. This is why Eleiko is proud to have been chosen as the strength equipment partner for the High-Performance Zone refurbishment, set in the £40 million David Ross Sports Village.

Dan Tilley – Director of Sport, The University of Nottingham, said: “Creating an optimal environment is critical for us to deliver world-class performance excellence for our athletes. Our High-Performance Zone is a facility with a very specific use case – it should offer the flexibility of use and be adaptable for a broad range of sports and abilities.”

The High-Performance Zone offers a state-of-the-art training facility for performance athletes, including a 60m sprint track and the latest fitness technology. As well as delivering programs for scholarship student-athletes and performance squads, Nottingham’s experienced strength and conditioning team work closely with professional clubs such as British Weightlifting and athletes wishing to use the facility.

“When choosing the right equipment provider for the HPZ we needed equipment that was strong, robust with a premium look and feel. But most importantly one that offered the flexibility of use and scaling options. Eleiko’s range of strength equipment provides us with everything we need and more – with numerous additional rack attachments, creating more training possibilities for students. Another important element in the decision-making process was choosing a brand that had an intangible factor or value. At the core of Eleiko is a team of product engineers who are as passionate as we are in finding the best solutions to any challenges, we faced during the design process. For me, this is what makes it an even more exciting and meaningful partnership,” said Dan Tilley

Hitting the peak of the elite, Nottingham’s High-Performance Zone is now home to 25 Custom Stainless Steel Prestera Power Racks and Half Racks, complete with integrated Cable Systems and Smith Attachments, Customised Evo Dumbbells, Sport Training Plates and a host of other Eleiko strength training tools. Prestera, performance in Swedish, was designed with the precision of elite athletes in mind, providing lifters with ultimate control and better performance – making it the perfect strength solution for the University’s high-performance training facility.

“Environment is everything for our teams and the delivery of services to them. Creating a space that engages, inspires, and develops a feeling of belonging is everything for our athletes. The new equipment and layout give us the ability and flexibility to deliver training to more inspiring athletes and squads, and it has allowed us to create a space with our own identity at the heart of it all. The ability to add branding to the racks and customize Dumbbells and platforms has been an important part of this journey,” said Dan Tilley

The University’s progressive and ambitious attitude is reflected in the success they have achieved to date as one of the top universities in the country, and this transformation will surely put the University of Nottingham at the cutting edge of Elite Sport in the UK.

Dale Beech – Managing Director – UK, Eleiko said: “This entire project was a joy to be involved with. It was clear from very early on that both parties were aligned all on fronts. The brief was simple, The University of Nottingham wanted a future-proof world-class facility for Elite Athletes – and that is exactly what was delivered. The physical space, despite being recently built, posed some unexpected layout considerations which, between our facility designers and the UoN team, were overcome. Achieving the 24 racks along one side was imperative for squad training – this is also of particular benefit from an operational point of view when multiple squads are in the space.”

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