Eleiko unveils innovative competition collar

Eleiko, a leader in strength equipment, announces the release of a patent-pending Competition Collar.

This innovative collar is the first to receive certification from all three major strength sports federations: the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), and World Para Powerlifting (WPPO).

The new collars enhance the lifting experience for athletes, loaders, and staff by providing a single, precision-crafted collar certified for both training and competition. They are easier to handle, minimise interference during lifts, and protect equipment from wear. Manufactured in Halmstad, Sweden, from machined recycled EU steel, the collars ensure precision and lasting performance, backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Key features and performance enhancements include:

  • A proprietary TPE ring compresses and rotates, securing the connection between the bar flange, plates, and collars, reducing wear and dampening noise.
  • Knurled tightening wheel and TPE ring provide superior clamping force, ensuring a firm lock to minimise plate shifting when the bar is dropped.
  • An indexed locking lever stays firmly in place, which, together with a slimmer profile and concentrated centre of mass, minimizes interference with lifts and sleeve rotation.
  • The redesigned locking lever system distributes clamping force evenly across the bar sleeve, reducing potential wear.
  • Knurling on the lever and tightening wheel, combined with sandblasted grip contours, offers an improved loading experience.

Erik Blomberg, CEO of Eleiko, commented, “We are pleased to work with the IWF, IPF, and WPPO to create the first collar certified by all three major sports federations. They embody our design ethos, developing high-performance products with sustainably sourced materials and details that improve the lifting experience.”

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