England Golf and Newcastle United Women join forces to drive participation of women in golf

England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, has teamed up with Newcastle United Women to encourage and empower women and girls to get involved in the sport of golf. The joining of forces between England Golf and Newcastle United Women signifies a dynamic collaboration between two sporting organisations committed to promoting female participation in sports and fostering a spirit of inclusivity.

Female sport is on the rise like never before, driven by the incredible successes of England’s female professionals such as the Lionesses who are inspiring more women and girls to participate in football. And whilst it’s great to see women’s sport getting the mainstream attention it deserves, there is more to be done to drive awareness and participation in other traditionally male-dominated sports namely, golf. Increasing female participation levels in golf shows the sport is in a positive place – there is still work to be done to ensure sustained growth in club memberships.

Seeking to improve this further, last week England Golf hosted members of Newcastle United Women for a golf taster day at Close House. The event which happened on Tuesday saw members of Newcastle United Women try the sport in a comfortable and fun environment via a driving workshop and par 3 competition.

Lauren Spray, Women and Girls Manager at England Golf, said: “We are incredibly excited to be joining forces with Newcastle United Women’s Football Club. This collaboration symbolizes our commitment to making golf a sport for everyone and reaching out to women and girls who may not have considered golf as a recreational choice before, including professionals from other crossover sports. It was great to see so many of the Newcastle United W.F.C willingly getting involved in the sport, and in return, reaping both the mental and physical benefits.”

Newcastle United Women’s club captain, Grace Donnelly, added: “The team were proud to be part of this important initiative with England Golf and everybody had a great time learning new skills. We know how powerful sport can be to bring people together and the team bonding through golf was brilliant. A lot of the team had never played golf before but absolutely loved it. Most people get into sport at a young age but we learnt that you can start golf at any age and I think a few of the team will be back to give it another go soon!”

The collaboration which follows Europe’s recent success in the Solheim Cup is a huge step forward in promoting gender equality and inclusivity in sports and reinforces the idea that women and girls can excel in any sport they choose. England Golf and Newcastle United W.F.C. invite everyone to join them on this exciting journey towards empowering women and girls through the joy of sports.

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