Escape Fitness appoints Excelsior Development Technologies as Education Partner

In a move to ensure trainers receive the best possible education to support equipment and programming delivered by Escape Fitness from day one of install, the leading functional training brand has appointed Excelsior Development Technologies to deliver its product training.

Excelsior provides memorable and motivating learning and development experiences and has a wealth of expertise from the health and fitness industry globally. Providing consistent, safe and secure learning environments both face to face and digitally, Excelsior works with leisure trusts, health club operators, and fitness equipment manufacturers.

Matthew Januszek, Co Founder of Escape, says: “Supporting trainers with quality education that empowers them to optimise our equipment is hugely important. The equipment we manufacture is innovative and designed to be used in a multitude of ways to deliver a multitude of outcomes. Without the necessary product training there is a danger that the full potential of the equipment is never unlocked, meaning members never get to benefit from the full experience.

“Working with Excelsior, we will be able to offer trainers product training that will encourage them to apply their learnings to deliver a huge library of exercises and movement patterns, designed to inspire, motivate and deliver results. This year alone, we will bring to market 6 key product innovations. Each innovation is designed to offer optimal versatility and flexibility, creating opportunities for trainers to constantly deliver workouts that are fresh and unique.”

Chris Rock, Co-Founder at Excelsior says: “For businesses looking to advance and up-skill their teams, it is key to deliver learner centric education and training. Excelsior is therefore delighted to be a part of The Escape Fitness experience, delivering both face to face workshops and digital courses as required.”

Through the partnership and in addition to individual product training, Escape will offer customers a variety of off-the-shelf education topics including: the small group experience, the power of the bag, mastering mobility and executing exercise selection. Training is delivered face-to-face and digitally depending on the requirements.

Matthew continues, “We are excited to work with Excelsior. Ultimately, our aim is always to inspire people to go beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Through this partnership we will provide trainers with the tools they need to achieve this professionally. They will then pay it forwards to those they train.”

Product education is available to all existing and new customers as part of Escape’s commitment to supporting their customers ongoing success.

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