Escape Fitness partners with Hyperice to meet the recovery needs of modern consumers

Hyperice, the global leader in high-performance wellness technology, has announced a strategic partnership with Escape Fitness, a global provider of fitness and wellness solutions. This collaboration brings together two industry giants to reshape the wellness landscape in the UK and the USA, with plans to expand into the European market.

This partnership creates dedicated wellness areas within fitness facilities, complete with specialised equipment known for its quality and innovation. These areas will be equipped with Hyperice’s cutting-edge technology, such as the Hypervolt 2 Pro percussion massage device, to enhance the recovery process and boost mobility, preparing individuals for peak performance.

One of the ground-breaking innovations to emerge from this partnership is the introduction of dedicated “pods” or “stations” and merchandised racks, designed and manufactured by Escape Fitness.

Despite the relatively small footprint which makes the wellness station a viable addition to almost any training space, the solution enables individuals to experience the very latest in wellness technology, setting a new industry standard.

A highlight of this partnership is the introduction of a full active recovery, warm-up and mobility pack, which includes Escape’s revolutionary MARS screen, a versatile Multi-Activity Resource Station that integrates education and coaching via digital content. This provides virtual, one to one, coaching, 24 hours a day, empowering athletes of all abilities to use the equipment and technology safely and effectively.

Another key benefit is the fact that the Hypervolt 2 Pro percussion device is tethered, via a flexible cable, to provide constant charging and theft prevention, ensuring the technology is always available for use.

“Today marks the start of an exciting partnership with Escape Fitness, as we reshape wellness offerings within the fitness space.” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “Our dedicated recovery areas, ‘pods’, and merchandised offerings are raising the bar for accessible warm up and recovery technology and education. Together, we’re committed to helping people lead healthier, more active lives.”

Matthew Januszek, CEO Escape Fitness adds: “For several years, I have been discussing the growing interest in recovery on our podcast with some of the industry’s leading innovators and have been searching for the right opportunity to shift the dial from a traditional fitness offer, to a more holistic, wellness experience.

“This collaboration with Hyperice enables us to deliver self-contained, dedicated wellness pods which marry our MARS digital touchscreens and fitness equipment with the world’s leading recovery brand to bring a unique product solution to market.”

The global wellness market is predicted to reach a value of $7.0 trillion by 2025* with the recovery technology market a key contributor to this growth as consumers seek ways to elevate their physical wellbeing beyond traditional training routines. This has been demonstrated over the last couple of years as gyms and studios embrace recovery to set up dedicated areas within their facilities. Both Hyperice and Escape Fitness share a commitment to helping people lead healthier and more active lives, and this first-of-a-kind offering delivers on this.

To find out more about the MARS Mobility and Recovery Station, visit To listen to an interview between Jim Huether and Matthew Januszek where they take a deeper dive into Hyperice and the global wellness opportunity head to the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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