Explore the world of natural movement with the Born to be Barefoot Podcast

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of optimal movement, balance, and lifelong activity? Welcome to the “Born to be Barefoot” podcast, your gateway to a world where science meets life, and adventure meets knowledge.

Join your hosts, Stuart Gordon and Katie Tsuyuki, as they guide you through an inspiring and transformative exploration of natural movement.

From Science to Life: What We’re All About

At “Born to be Barefoot,” we are passionate advocates for embracing the natural wonders of the human body. In a world where almost, every step is taken with some form of footwear, we invite you to question the status quo and rediscover the benefits of going barefoot.

Discover Your True Potential: Our podcast delves into the science behind barefoot living and how it can enhance your overall health, fitness, and longevity. Join us in unraveling the mystery of how your feet are designed to function optimally without the constraints of shoes.

Meet Courageous Trailblazers: Each week, we bring you the stories of fearless guests who have embraced an active lifestyle. From Olympic snowboarders to extreme runners and cross-country backpackers, these trailblazers share their most intense and awe-inspiring experiences from the wild.

Insights from Industry Experts: To keep you and your tribe safe and healthy, we collaborate with medical professionals and coaches who reveal industry secrets for avoiding foot, body, and gait-related pathologies. Our mission is to empower you to move naturally and freely.

Episode Spotlight: “Ultra Running with Jeff Browning | Going the Distance”

In a world that often requires shoes, our podcast serves as your permission to live barefoot. Dive into this episode to discover the incredible journey of Jeff Browning, AKA Bronco Billy. Jeff’s story is a testament to the power of embracing natural movement. He transitioned from a background in various sports to becoming a world-class ultra-marathoner.

Jeff’s Early Sporting Adventures: Learn how Jeff’s love for outdoor sports paved the way for his journey into ultra-running.

Jeff’s Training Regimen: Gain insights into the intense training that prepared Jeff for the challenge of 100-mile runs.

Exploring Different Diets: Discover the role of nutrition in Jeff’s performance and his experiences with different diets.

Close Encounters with Animals: Hear thrilling stories of Jeff’s encounters with predators during his outdoor adventures.
The Importance of Strength Training: Learn how strength training has played a pivotal role in Jeff’s fitness journey.

Listen to the full episode here: Ultra Running with Jeff Browning | Going the Distance

“Born to be Barefoot” is your guide to enhancing your natural moving abilities and embracing a life of adventure without inhibitions. Subscribe today and join us on this remarkable expedition into the world of natural movement and lifelong activity.

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