F45 goes for global domination

F45 strengthens its position as the fastest growing global fitness franchise with its plans to reach 1,500 franchises worldwide by the end of 2018.

Short for Functional 45, F45 was born in Australia in 2014, and has since taken the rest of the world by storm with a growing presence in over 35 countries. Founded by former equities trader Rob Deutsch who spotted a gap in the health and fitness market, F45 has fast become a global fitness phenomenon, with its most recent franchise openings in China, Finland, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Lebanon and Israel. In addition, F45 will also be opening franchises imminently in Germany, further reinforcing their global presence.

Deutsch said: “We are overwhelmed by the global reaction to F45 and the rate in which the brand has grown over the past 4 years. F45 has successfully managed to bridge the gap between personal training and gyms, while developing a user-friendly group exercise concept, which is both engaging and sociable. With F45, we have tapped into the rise of exercise participation and the growing interest in group exercise, by offering a turn-key business opportunity to entrepreneurs across the globe.”

Positioned by Deutsch as “the Apple store of the health and fitness arena”, F45 is setting the benchmark for fitness and functional training. Revolutionising boutique fitness and group exercise, F45 has successfully created an entirely new fitness concept with an extensive range of 29 high-intensity, group training programmes, each lasting 45 minutes and promising to burn between 750-1,000 calories per session. Sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, ensuring individuals are able to workout at their own pace whilst being able to challenge themselves to achieve phenomenal results.

The sessions incorporate the latest innovation in fitness-based technology to provide systemised delivery, which helps to enhance motivation and overall results. This includes television screens which are purposefully placed overhead, providing an instructive demonstration of each move, as well as a countdown to your rest period as you progress through the circuit. Sessions are always fast-paced and offer a community culture to ensure members work to their maximum alongside constant support and guidance from the professional F45 coaches.

The global success of F45 as a franchise network has encouraged many athletes, personal trainers and entrepreneurs to become part of this innovative fitness movement due to its relatively low start-up and running costs, turn-key set up and generous return on investment. F45 also boast a remarkable array of brand ambassadors worldwide, including internationally renowned athlete and professional English rugby player, James Haskell. Haskell boasted that he found the circuits at F45 to be “engaging and fun” and saw a lot of similarities to his exercise for rugby games. Haskell will be launching two of his own franchises to join dozens of international athletes who have already partnered with F45.

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