F45 investor, David Beckham, announced as partner of latest UK studio In High Street Kensington

F45, the fastest growing fitness franchisor in the world according to Entrepreneur in 2021, has announced its latest UK studio opening in London’s High Street Kensington.

The new studio will span 3,500 sq ft and will follow the same high-intensity, circuit-based format that the brand has become synonymous with. An investor in F45 since 2020, David Beckham will be a partner in the new High Street Kensington studio.

David Beckham said: “As a global partner and investor in the F45 franchise, I am thrilled to see how fast it is growing in the UK fitness market and to support this new studio opening in High Street Kensington. I’ve seen the site at various stages of the build and the F45 team have done a phenomenal job in creating a fantastic studio. It’s a great location and a beautiful space and I’m looking forward to seeing a new F45 community come together there.”

The new studio will be run by multi-unit F45 franchisee owners and childhood friends Haydn Elliott and Tristan Smith. “We have had the pleasure of having David and his team visit our central London studios over the past 12 months and we have loved watching him train and interact with our F45 community,” said Haydn Elliott.

Tristan Smith added: “Our first F45 studio opened four years ago in Oxford Circus, followed by Soho in January 2020. With each studio opening, we learn more about ourselves and the F45 community which has become a huge part of our lives. As an F45 investor, David supports the brand and business and is our partner in bringing this new studio to High Street Kensington. We can’t wait for the doors to open and to meet new members.”

Founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia, F45 is one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the world based on the number of franchises sold. With a focus on creating a leading global fitness training and lifestyle brand, F45 currently has sold 3,301 total franchises and 1,749 studios across 65 countries, and High Street Kensington will be the 63rd studio to open in the UK, with many more scheduled in 2022.

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