Fenwicks have a new look

Fenwick’s have shifted up a gear with new look.

For over 20 years, Fenwick’s helped cyclists enjoy better, longer journeys by creating products that do more than last the distance.

And now their new-look identity is set to do the same for them.

Since 1995, they have worked hard at their passion and their business, producing cleaning and lubricating products for the leisure industry.

But their cycling range wasn’t working at the same level.

In a statement, Fenwick’s said: “We decided to turn the table on ourselves and bring in a team of professionals. Peloton Design’s shared enthusiasm for our industry, coupled with an expert overview of the branding world, gave us the push we needed to drive the business forward.

“After marketplace analysis, a baring of our souls and an in-depth review of our business, we emerged with a refined range and an identity that is as versatile as we are.

“Now customers can expect to find bold, to-the-point descriptions of products, easy-to-follow instructions and a restrained colour palette that combines to create a brand that conveys just as much quality as it delivers. Great rides start and end with Fenwick’s.”

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