FIFA+ releases Season One of ground-breaking docuseries Captains

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, FIFA+ has today released the newest and most ambitious Original on the platform so far, Captains, a genre-shifting, behind-the-scenes docuseries of some of world football’s biggest names in their most challenging moments.

Featuring eight episodes published exclusively on FIFA+ and then Netflix, Captains: Season 1 intimately follows icons from around the world, including Brazil’s Thiago Silva, Croatia’s Luka Modric, and Gabon’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as they attempt to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The series – filmed on a scale never seen before in football media – marks a new frontier for a sports documentary series. Together with FIFA+, it was produced by Fulwell 73, with Leo Pearlman, Ben Turner, Gabe Turner and Richard Thompson as Executive Producers.

Through charting the players journey for qualification, the show tackles how they juggle family life with the expectations of a nation, shining a light on the complex psychology behind performing at the very highest level.

Some end in success, while others miss the mark, but every high and low is charted as Captains takes viewers behind-the-scenes of those carrying the weight of their nation.

The Captains followed in Season 1 are:

– Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)

– Luka Modric (Croatia)

– Thiago Silva (Brazil)

– Hassan Maatouk (Lebanon)

– Brian Kaltack (Vanuatu)

– Andre Blake (Jamaica)

Discussing the series, Brazil Captain Thiago Silva, said: “For me, the FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of achievement in football, and to be there alongside my fellow countrymen is the greatest honour on the planet.

“We left everything on the pitch to qualify, and to have our journey documented so intimately in Captains is an experience like no other. The series captures our emotions, frustrations, ups and downs like few have done before.”

Captains Season 2

In addition, FIFA+ is also excited to announce Captains: Season 2, which will follow a collection of ‘soon to be revealed’ captains, as they take their nations to the sport’s highest mountain, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Set to be released after the tournament, this second season will feature the goals, the games, and the drama off the pitch as they all aim for ultimate glory.

Speaking on the announcement, Charlotte Burr, FIFA Director of Strategy, Digital and FIFA+, said: “FIFA+ was created to connect fans closer to the game they love, and this is why Captains: Season 1 makes us so excited – never before has a series provided such an intimate look into the turbulent journey of making it to a World Cup and made us feel more connected than ever to some of world football’s biggest names.”

Captains is filmed in every corner of the world over the course of a year, and is the latest addition to the FIFA+ Originals content series.

Fulwell 73 Partner, Leo Pearlman, added: “Fulwell’s first ever documentary was about six unknown football freestylers searching for Diego Maradona. Fast forward 15yrs and to be making a documentary series about six iconic national captains, aiming to lead their teams to the FIFA World Cup is a dream come true. But this is far more than just the story of wins and losses on the pitch, it’s an investigation into leadership, mental and physical pressure and how one operates when the hopes of a nation rest on ones shoulders. This is the human condition put under the microscope, through the intense lens of sport, scrutiny and expectation at the very highest level.”

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