FINIS partners with Hope Floats Foundation to provide scholarships for swim lessons

FINIS, a worldwide leader in technical swimming development, has become a Business Partner with Hope Floats Foundation.

Together, Hope Floats Foundation and partner businesses and swim schools are committed to providing scholarships for high-quality swim lessons for low-income children and their families.

The equivalent of 13 school buses full of children die each year in the United States due to drowning. Studies at the National Institute of Health show that swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 per cent.
Cindy Tonnesen, founder of the Hope Floats Foundation, said: “There’s a huge need for swim lessons, and the kids that need them the most – lower socio-economic level kids – they’re not getting them. We are saving kids, but there are more we need to reach, and we have the ability and resources to do it.”

John Mix, co-founder and CEO of FINIS, said: “In partnering with Hope Floats, we are truly living our mission.

“In all of our efforts, we remain focused on one goal: to help every person in the world enjoy the water. Hope Floats has a laser focus on doing just that. We thrilled to be part of such a vital cause.”

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