First XV joins Intersport

First XV, the family-run rugby store located within the shadow of Scotland’s Murrayfield stadium, has joined Intersport.

Commenting on First XV’s decision to join the ranks of Intersport’s members, owner and founder Lee MacDonald says: “We were drawn to a revitalised and resurgent Intersport. We are confident in our choice and believe that, through our membership, we have become part of an influential, dynamic and growing retail community with access to the world’s leading sports brands.

“We also believe that Intersport understands our business, shares our values and can offer us the vital support a growing business like ours needs, especially in today’s testing trading environment.”

Says Barry Mellis, Intersport’s general manager: “New members define Intersport’s re-emergence as a dominant buying group and one that continues to stamp its authority on the industry.

“Intersport’s strategic and sustained growth in this challenging market, still buffeted by strong economic headwinds, owes much to its association with members like First XV, where the joint philosophies of enterprise and entrepreneurship stand to form the cornerstone of sound and successful relationships.”

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