FirstLight bring a new dawn to the fitness industry

FirstLight are set to bring a new dawn to the boutique fitness industry.

FirstLight is due to open its doors at Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush on June 11 with the support of a £300,000 finance package from HSBC.

The state-of-the-art fitness concept, which comprises three indoor studios, two of which are indoor cycling studios, is the first of its kind in the UK and will use sunlight simulation technology to help motivate the body and optimise fitness results for riders in the capital. In October 2018, FirstLight will launch its boxing concept POW-R-BOX in its third studio, to coincide with Westfield London’s tenth anniversary.

The HSBC funding has been used to purchase the bikes for each of the two cycling studios as well as the audio visual (AV) equipment needed to facilitate the innovative sunlight simulation technology, which has been exclusively developed by scientists in Holland for FirstLight.

Mark Anthony, FirstLight founder, said; “We’ve been working on the concept for FirstLight for over five years now and can’t wait to finally see the gym open to customers in a few months’ time. The project wouldn’t have been possible without the support and funding from HSBC, which has allowed us to bring this amazing experience to Londoners for the first time.

“FirstLight had tremendous support from my relationship manager Amit Tomar. Our aim now is to be at the forefront of the indoor cycling revolution, redefining what innovative boutique fitness should feel like.”

Sharon Byde, HSBC’s area director for West London Business Banking, said: “Mark has a real passion for the fitness industry and we are delighted to have been able to support his latest venture in opening FirstLight Westfield. The concept of the gym is really exciting and we’re sure it will be hugely popular in the area. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Mark and FirstLight and wish him all the best at the grand opening in June.”

Each class will guide riders from sunset to sunrise, using expertly designed acoustics and light visuals projected around the room. The classes will transport riders to a popular travel destination such as Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, or Ibiza, using visuals and audio stimuli to energise and motivate during and after a workout. Instructors will choreograph a full body workout on the bikes, with weighted body bars used for upper body core strength movements.

The concept behind FirstLight is supported by research and technology to ensure that wellbeing comes first. Changes in environment, particularly the quantity and type of light, can affect our rhythm, boosting or lowering energy and alertness. Daily exposure to adequate periods of light and dark are needed to keep the body energised and to aid rest. The UK only gets around 1,500 hours of sunlight each year – not enough to ensure energy and motivation levels remain high. FirstLight sunlight technology, which replicates key daylight periods – sunrise, midday sun and sunset, is designed to give the body and mind a healthy boost.

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