FIT for the FUTURE | MyFootBalance 3D Foot Scanning Service

FIT for the FUTURE | MyFootBalance 3D Foot Scanning Service

FootBalance unveils MyFootBalance®, its next generation unified 3D foot scanning solution.

As a new health-based mentality sweeps across the world and demand for personalised products and experiences grows, the MyFootBalance® 3D foot scanning service offers customers a unique end-to-end fitting experience from personalised foot scan and biomechanical analysis to custom product recommendation.

Intuitive, easy for retail staff to operate and for customers to follow, MyFootBalance® combines computer vision and machine learning with cloud analytics. It’s a state-of-the-art service solution, providing an unrivalled in-store experience, as well as creating new opportunities and revenue streams for run speciality and sporting goods retailers.

Klaus Rauhansalo, FootBalance CEO stated, “Our goal was to create an unmatched, unified foot scanning service, that’s unlike anything else on the market today. What we’ve launched is a complete 3D foot scanning solution that supports an omnichannel shopping experience, with a unique fit proposition for each and every customer.”

Erkki Hakkala, founder and Head of Innovation at FootBalance added, “Our approach to 3D foot scanning has been guided by science. Incorporating the latest available technologies and with its super-fast 15-second multi scanning process, MyFootBalance® captures the most comprehensive and accurate foot scan data.”

Based on customer preferences, their physiological needs and some clever technology, MyFootBalance® custom creates a truly personalised fit for the runner, with the recommendation of footwear, custom insoles, performance socks and injury prevention products.

FootBalance´s story

FootBalance is a Nordic, holistic health driven brand. Proud of its medical origins and guided by evidence and science, the company custom creates a personalised fit through its advanced 3D foot scanning technology and supporting product portfolio, including its award-winning custom insole programme.

With its holistic approach to foot health & wellbeing, FootBalance strives to improve quality of life, making lives better and keeping us active, fit and pain-free. Today, FootBalance is present in more than 50 countries across 1,500 points of distribution, having conducted more than 5 million foot analyses and sold over 4 million custom insoles worldwide.

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