Fit or flagging?

Mancunians are the fittest city dwellers, followed by inhabitants of Liverpool and Cardiff, according to the latest study by analyst CDMS.

In order to identify the geography of British fitness, CDMS examined data on the leisure habits of over 80,000 people in 13 cities across the UK (Bristol, Birmingham, London, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff).

The results showed a clear bias towards English northern cities. The top five in the CDMS Fitness Index comprise, in order, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Sheffield and Newcastle. In contrast, Edinburgh and Glasgow score lowest on the Fitness Index, along with London, perhaps indicative of the cost of joining a gym in the capital and the busy lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Says Ian Hubbard of CDMS: “The north/south fitness divide highlights a real split between the time-poor residents of the capital and the time-rich lifestyles of those further up the Fitness Index.

“The stark contrast in results provides a valuable insight into the fitness habits of the UK population. These findings are important for any service business looking at understanding the lifestyle habits of the UK population, not to mention specialist outdoor pursuit equipment retailers, commercial gyms and fitness centres.

“Furthermore, behavioural information of this kind can prove invaluable for the planning of public sector facilities. Health programmes aiming to help the nation to address fitness issues – whether commercial or run by the state – also require the insights from such analytical exercises in order to identify where resources will be best spent.”

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