Fitness Boutique Franchise YourZone45 Plans Explosive Growth in 2018 and Beyond

Built off a winning, revolutionary concept of 45-minute, bootcamp style workouts focused around heart rate technology training, YourZone45 is a force to be reckoned with in 2018.

For many, being able to own a highly profitable fitness-related business would be a dream come true. UK-based fitness boutique YourZone45 are helping make those kinds of dreams become reality, with the recent announcement they are accelerating their growth strategy and looking at opening studios in major cities and towns across the nation, with a target of 12 set for 2018. YourZone45 are opening their flagship studio in Greenwich in early 2018 and currently have four other studios operating in the UK, with more scheduled to open throughout the year.

YourZone45 Founder, Chris Elms said “We are gearing up for an exciting 2018 with new studios opening and potential franchise owners enquiring daily from all corners of the UK. I’m confident that in the next 12 months will achieve the targeted growth and have a number of established studios around the UK.”

The company are approaching this period of growth with the utmost seriousness. YourZone45 recently hired a highly experienced marketing manager and franchise manager to be based in their soon to be opened head office in Greenwich to help facilitate their successful expansion.

Typically, the minimum initial investment to establish a YourZone45 studio franchise is £70,000. For entrepreneurs interested in the opportunity, the company has developed successful relationships with several lenders who can provide the rest of the set-up costs required to get a franchise started.

With interest in fitness in the UK on the rise and YourZone45 possessing a compelling, near addictive and results-producing approach to the healthy lifestyle interest there may never be a better time to invest and open a franchise than the present.

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About YourZone45
YourZone45 is a boutique fitness brand that delivers highly motivating bootcamp style workouts that are focused around heart rate technology. The workouts are designed to burn calories fast, rev up metabolisms and increase fitness levels at a phenomenal rate. The three main principles behind YourZone45 are enjoyment, motivation and results. Each bootcamp style workout combines the community of an outstanding group exercise session but with the personal attention and guidance of a personal training session to create the ultimate, highly addictive fitness experience.

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