FootBalance appoints Breathe Unity to elevate the brand across UK and Ireland

FootBalance is a Nordic, health-driven brand offering an all-in-one personalised footwear fitting experience and the appointment of Breathe Unity will support its business objectives in the UK & Ireland.

Present in more than 40 countries and across 1,500 points of distribution, including some of the world’s leading sporting goods and specialty retailers, FootBalance custom-creates a personalised fit through its advanced 3D foot scanning technology, award-winning custom insole programme and range of compression socks and injury prevention products.

With a vision of “A world standing on healthier feet”, the team at FootBalance are passionate about making foot health accessible to as many people as possible and following the launch of the company’s MyFootBalance® 3D foot scanning service, Breathe Unity will work with the team to raise further awareness and visibility in the UK & Ireland and to build valuable community collaborations.

Neil Venables, Commercial Director for Europe, said: “We believe health and wellbeing begins at your feet and with our latest technology and guided by evidence and science, we support better foot health, keeping customers active, fit and pain-free. FootBalance is making strides, pushing the limits of what’s possible, and we’re just getting started!

“We are excited to be working with Breathe Unity and are looking forward to helping many more runners, walkers, sports enthusiasts and movers transform their health from the feet up. FootBalance is seeing amazing results and customer feedback in many countries worldwide and our all-in-one personalised fitting service will soon be available in many more locations across the UK and Ireland.”

For further details about FootBalance please go to or find FootBalance on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Retailers interested in receiving further information or having a demonstration of the MyFootBalance 3D Foot Scanning Service should contact Neil Venables, Commercial Director – Europe, at .

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