FSPA support National Fitness Day

The Federation of Sports and Play Associations is throwing it’s weight behind National Fitness Day.

Mary Lubrano, FSPA Communications Manager, was never particularly athletic at school but has now found an activity they she enjoys.

She said: “Like many people, I thought there wasn’t a sport for me.

“At school I was never sporty – always the last to be picked for teams and coming up with ever-more ingenious ways to get out of PE

“ I just never saw myself that way.

“Now, though far from sporty, I have done what I once thought was impossible – I’ve found an activity that I like.

“In fact, more than like – running has become woven into my everyday life, so much so that if I don’t run when I’m supposed to (three to four times per week) it has a negative impact, both physically and mentally.

“I’m not very fast and my children take every opportunity to mock my running times!

“But I honestly don’t care. For me, the joy comes from having some headspace, getting my heartrate up, pushing myself that little bit further. And there’s something about the rhythm of running that’s inherently calming – I often come back from a run and realise that I haven’t been thinking about much at all – which for a committed worrier is a real treat!”
The reasons why people exercise are diverse:
“It gives me an energy I never thought I had.” 

“I love food and drink and it helps me manage my weight.” 

“The social aspect of a team is great. I’ve met loads of new people.” 

“If I feel low, getting out and about makes me feel happier.” 

“I enjoy the way my body has changed. I’m so much stronger and leaner.” 

“I’m setting a good example for my kids.” 

“I love competing. Actually, I just love winning!”
All forms of activity and exercise count. From a stroll in the park to fishing, dancing to golf, swimming to table tennis – there is no doubt there is an activity for everyone.

Lunrano added: “Here at the FSPA, one of our tasks is to promote the benefits of exercise and moving more, and that’s why we’re supporting #FitnessDay.

“As the voice of the UK sports and play industries, our 500 member companies supply the sector with sports and play equipment and provide a high level of expertise across a diverse range of sports.

“And our play associations like the API promote the benefits of exercise and play for children – crucial in the fight against childhood obesity.

“National Fitness Day gives us all a chance to think about how much we move.

“Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found the time or courage to do so?

“Is there an activity the family could do together?

“Do you fancy joining a team or maybe it’s some me-time you’re craving?

“If you haven’t already found your ‘thing’, you will. After all, it’s your precious time we’re talking about, so make sure you love it. 
“Enjoy #FitnessDay.”

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