Fuel your fast with the next-gen ULTRA 5 carbon launch edition

PUMA has unveiled an exclusive look at the upcoming ULTRA 5, in the form of a special carbon launch edition. The first look of the ULTRA takes you under the hood and shows what PUMA has been cooking up before this summer’s huge launch.

Buckle up because PUMA are pushing the ULTRA into another gear giving you the speed and sensation of a finely-tuned machine at your feet. Built on engineering insights from decades of motorsport and collaboration with some of the fastest Formula One teams to ever tear up the track, the new ULTRA 5 will take you into the future of football boots.

Infused with a brand-new SPEEDSYSTEM carbon outsole and FastTrax stud design with a full carbon fibre plate, the new ULTRA feels like a speed machine, engineered to take you from kick-off to back of the net faster than you can say: Lights Out.

Speaking on the first look of the ULTRA 5 Dominique Gathier, Senior Director Product Line Manager Teamsport Footwear said: “We are thrilled to introduce the ULTRA 5 with a full carbon fibre outsole, a material we have been working with for many years, most famously Sergio Agüero’s league winning goal for Manchester City.

“The new ULTRA 5 CARBON Launch Edition is a lightweight beast that is like no other. This special launch edition will feature a full carbon fibre outsole base with an innovative new stud configuration for optimal sprinting, cuts and braking so you can change direction in an instant and explode in any direction before the defender can react. The ULTRA 5 features a lightweight mesh upper coupled with an all-new PWRTPE SQD support frame that stabilizes the foot inside the boot for an optimal fit for an unmatched weapon for speed.”

Romain Girard, Senior Director Innovation delved into the full carbon outsole and what this means for the new ULTRA 5.

“PUMA has a history of utilizing carbon in our football boots, but for the new ULTRA 5 we have changed things up and implemented it in a new way. Taking inspiration from our collaborations in motorsport, carbon is one of the most explosive and lightweight materials, used in many of the fastest cars in the world due to its incredible lightweight, speed properties. What is unique about our application is we have changed the weave pattern and direction of the fibres to create a unique application of the material for an explosive soleplate that will take speed to another level.”

PUMA continues to offer its Women’s Fit with a slimmer fit tailored to the anatomy of a woman’s foot, the ULTRA 5 CARBON Launch Edition is designed to enhance comfort and performance for female athletes, built different to support the women that make a difference on the pitch.

The limited-edition ULTRA 5 CARBON Launch Edition will be available on, at PUMA stores and specialist sports retailers from 20th May so catch them while you can. With the global launch later this summer.

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