Future of 2022 Women’s CiCLE Classic secured

Following the threat to the future of the Women’s CiCLE Classic caused by the withdrawal of the original sponsor under somewhat controversial circumstances, the future of the event has now been assured until at least 2025.

A ‘crowdfunding’ project initiated just two weeks ago has now been closed having exceeded its original target of £15,000 by a sizable margin. All the funds raised will be used to stage and further develop the 2022 race and look forward to the future.

“While those that contributed to the crowdfunding came from all walks of life, intent on securing this year’s race, a big thank you must be extended to the “Sex Matters” and “Fair Play for Women” organisations who galvanised support for the initiative from across the World.

“Being able to raise our target sum within just two weeks was a fantastic effort from all interested in seeing the race continue. A really tremendous effort that is to be applauded and for which the race organisation cannot thank all those involved enough”, said race director Colin Clews.
The publicity created by the sponsor’s withdrawal has as hoped also brought forward varying offers of long-term sponsorship and other forms of support for the event.

With a firm offer of title support for the Women’s CiCLE Classic fully compensating for the funding lost from a public listed company is now awaiting completion which would secure the race from 2023 to 2025.

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