GET THE ‘PULLING POWER’ WITH UNIBANK the world’s most versatile power bank.

GET THE ‘PULLING POWER’ WITH UNIBANK the world’s most versatile power bank.
90 Seconds pulling power – 25 minutes talk time never run out of charge again.
Unibank™ received Global acclaim at the International Design Awards winning in the ‘Sustainable Living, Environmental Preservation’ category.

Unibank™ is a Unique Award-Winning Power Bank that is rechargeable via its pull and power charger or powered via the USB. Simply pulling the neatly stored cord for 90 seconds can give you 25 minutes of talk time on a typical smartphone. The pull cord mechanism located at the back of the unit allows the user to create power with the use of a clever primary generator and a secondary source from the recoil motion. With sustainability and “green” credentials no other power charger can claim.
By harnessing the pulling power of Unibank, users can cut their electricity con- sumption and help reduce carbon usage simply by charging their devices using the simple, clean efficiency of Unibank.

Along with this Ground-Breaking Technology, Unibank also offers a choice of at- tachments including an ambient light, Bluetooth® speaker, panic alarm, and laser measuring device – all controlled from an intuitive, feature rich, free app.
The app will show in-depth analytics of both the Unibank’s and the smartphone’s bat- teries, including estimated battery life available under various conditions. The app will utilize as much data as is useful and available from both the Unibank system and the smartphone, then display it in an easy-to understand interface.

Create Light – Unibank’s ambient light attachment provides bright personal illumina- tion with the ability to pick from the full colour spectrum via the app and will never run out of power.
Create Sound – With wireless speaker’s battery life is always a factor to consider but with Unibank™ it is never a problem simply pair the compact, lightweight Blue- tooth speaker and its ready to go with the bonus of a powerful bass boost feature on the app.
Create Safety – Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with Unibank’s personal panic alarm attachment. Use as a loud, 120 decibel alarm or pair with your smartphone to send emergency texts to your contacts. The free Unibank™ allows you to set a personalised SOS message, along with your GPS coordinates.

This innovative product has been four years in the making with the vision of creat- ing an unlimited power source that would service anyone who is off grid, allowing them to stay connected wherever they are.
All the attachments are very easy to fit making the device an extremely versatile piece of kit as it is multi-functional and will never run out of power due to the highly advanced pull power charger. Alternatively, Unibank can be charged via a USB port and then used like any other power bank charger.
Unibank’s modular functions and additional accessories allow the user to create a device specific to their needs

Key features: –
Unique pull & power charger
Can also be charged by USB
Built in LED torch LED power indicators Choice of four attachments
Free app for iOS and Android High grade components Environmentally friendly Worldwide safety standards User friendly
Power. Light. Sound. Safety. Precision. Unibank™ pushes power further.

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