GHOST pumps up its pre-workout line with LEGEND ALL OUT, pushing consumers’ training limits

GNC understands what it takes to be a legend in the gym.

It all starts with a vision, a consistent routine, and a product plan designed to crush your goals.

GHOST’s latest launch, GHOST LEGEND ALL OUT, will be available exclusively at GNC and is a high-stimulant pre-workout formula available in “BLUE RASPBERRY” and WARHEADS “SOUR GREEN APPLE” flavours.

“Our team personally tastes numerous pre-workouts each month as we evaluate new or updated formulas for consumers,” said Kevin Maloberti, VP, Merchandising, GNC. “We focus on formula innovation and great-tasting flavours that help consumers level up every time they hit the gym. With this launch, GHOST continues to elevate the sports-performance category by combining must-have pre-workout ingredients like bitter orange and time-release caffeine with flavours consumers love, making them come back for more.”

GHOST LEGEND ALL OUT is a hardcore upgrade from the brand’s original GHOST LEGEND product formula, featuring key ingredients:

• 6g citrulline (4.52g vegan fermented & 1.48g citrulline nitrate)

• 400mg caffeine (139mg zümXR® supplying 100mg caffeine)

• 60mg bitter orange

“GNC has been an incredible partner of GHOST since 2016, when we first launched the brand, including GHOST LEGEND, our flagship pre-workout, exclusively in GNC stores,” said Dan Lourenco, Co-Founder and CEO of GHOST. “It’s only fitting that we launch GHOST LEGEND ALL OUT, a souped up evolution of that first product we launched together, exclusively with GNC once again.”

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