Global football market could be worth £10.1 billion in 2014, thanks to World Cup effect

The tournament will also add £2.2 billion to the turnover of the global sports industry, according to market research company the NPD Group.

Topping £10 billion will mean the football sector would have grown by eight per cent compared to 2013.

“We expect the growth rate to slow down slightly in the next five years owing to the saturation of the European market, the ageing population worldwide, increasing urbanisation and the rise of individual sports,” Richard Hunt, director UK sport at the NPD Group, says.

During the last World Cup in 2010, the NPD Group reported an average nine per cent increase in football kit sales compared to 2009 in the big five European markets (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

Sales of footballs have historically peaked at a growth rate of 30 per cent during the four weeks of the tournament.

Hunt adds: “40 per cent of the one percentage point growth in the global sports market attributed to the World Cup comes from products directly linked to the sport, such as football kit and footballs, but the demand for sports brands in general is stronger during this period and accounts for the other 60 per cent of the growth.

“So the World Cup effect is about much more than classic football items and this presents a huge business opportunity for sports brands.

“If they make the most of the event, they will see an impact on their entire product portfolio.”

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