GRASPOR a unique new muscle monitoring system

GRASPOR a unique new muscle monitoring system

The Danish company Ohmatex, and long-time pioneer in the smart textile wearable industry has launched a unique muscle monitoring system, based on development made for the European Space Agency (ESA) that is scheduled to fly at the International Space Station (ISS) within the next 18 months.
GRASPOR is designed to present users with a simple set of real time data during exercise and an analytic tool after training. Data that can be used to map training zones, ensure muscles are adequately warmed up, control high intensity training, and use real-time muscle oxygenation levels to train within defined zones. GRASPOR identify the athlete’s threshold like traditional lactate threshold, but without the need to take blood samples. Equally importantly, it is a tool to ensure adequate recovery between training intervals, help avoid fatigue and minimize risk of injury.
Knowing what is going on in the body makes it possible to pinpoint where athletes should set in to obtain best results (Know more, do better). The data enables a paradigm shift in sports and we start with cycling, but will enroll to all sports.

Why cycling?

The technology is so new and unique that Ohmatex has chosen to launch it in a segment that is already strongly data-driven, highly competitive, and where smart wearables make more than just good sense. Currently many cyclists, amateur as well as professional, start each season with lactate threshold tests to obtain physiological data to guide and monitor their training against. An athlete’s lactate threshold essentially defines the upper limit of their sustainable efforts during training and competition and is typically used to determine the appropriate training intensity to gradually increase the amount of work athletes can do at that limit. These tests are normally done in a lab, by trained specialists and offer a snapshot of performance at the time of the test. With a smart wearable like GRASPOR, athletes can perform these tests themselves, they can do so where they train and at regular intervals to allow them to track changes in performance and recovery over time. GRASPOR offers cyclists concrete evidence of the effect of their training regimes and provides a powerful tool to individualize and optimize their training every day and wherever they train.

About the technology

The system is the world’s first combined cardiovascular and muscular monitoring system, simultaneously measuring local oxygenation levels during exercise in the working muscles and the electrical signals generated in muscles during contraction. It reads the oxygen 2cm into the body and monitors the muscle activity by textile electrodes incorporated in the thigh sleeve.
The system in non-invasively and interlink with an App

For further information:
CEO, Klaus Østergaard; mobile +45 51 66 14 08, mail

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