Hackney Moves launches first-ever half-marathon NFT

Hackney Moves ‘perpetual loop’ Podium Gold Genesis NFT

LimeLight Sports Club announce a groundbreaking partnership with technology leaders xG Studios, launching the first-ever half marathon NFT reward. An exciting new UK-based project bringing Web3 technology and sports participation together.

The Hackney Half Marathon NFT Finisher is the first Genesis xG ‘Finish LE’ reward, released in partnership with LimeLight Sports Club, marking the start of a digital collectable experience for all LimeLight Sports Club members.

LE Genesis xG NFT

The futuristic limited-edition collectable holographic NFT, designed by Hugo Boesch of Future Romance, was made available exclusively to the highest engaged LimeLight Sports Club members who took part in the May 22 Hackney Half Marathon 2022.

Each NFT is personalised with the runner’s finish time while the runners placing first, second and third in both women’s and men’s received the ‘perpetual loop’ featuring either a gold, silver or bronze thread running through it.

These were the first Hackney Half NFTs to be minted on Flow Blockchain, home to huge digital sports projects such as NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day and come with future benefits for the LimeLight Sports Club members. By creating an account and minting their NFT – it will be theirs to keep, trade or gift. Unlike other blockchains, minting the personal Hackney Half NFT will take the same energy consumption as an Instagram post.

Steve Dews, CTO LimeLight Sports Club, said: “We’re excited to celebrate participation sports activity through this first of its kind partnership with xG Studios. This new collectible experience will be the starting point for LSC members to grow not only their sporting portfolio – but their digital ones too! The launch of this kind of transformative digital asset at a Half Marathon is illustrative of the trajectory the LSC membership offer is on.”

Jim Harrison, xG Co-Founder, said: “xG’s mission is to encourage and reward sports participation by adding a gamified web3 collecting layer to in-real-life sporting activity. LimeLight Sports Club has been an awesome partner as they have really embraced this idea to enable their running community to earn NFT rewards for participation.”

More Information & Sign-up to Hackney Moves 2023:

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