HEAD launch environmentally improved tennis ball can

HEAD’s commitment to making sustainable sports products has moved a step forward with the launch of a can for tennis balls that is significantly more environmentally friendly than the one it will replace.

The new ball cans, which will soon start replacing the golden HEAD cans currently recognisable on tennis courts around the world, contain less plastic and are far better able to be recycled. Sample testing undertaken together with the Austrian recycling company Saubermacher has shown the potential to save up to 10 times more CO2 than existing ball cans.

The redesign of the new ball can is part of the HEAD Rethink sustainability initiative. The new cans include pre-consumer recycled PET, a shorter sleeve, less ink and lighter colours. All to ensure the cans are easier to recycle.

Simon Brenneis, HEAD’s Business Manager for Balls and Footwear, said: “What we’ve now done is reduce the length of the sleeve by nearly 50%, which means the cans will now be detected for recycling. That in turn means much more recycling can take place and more resources will be saved.”

The availability of new compounds and materials, as well as advances in recycling and machinery, means the new ball can moves up the recycling pyramid from being incinerated to fully recycled. All that is now needed is for players and clubs to ensure the cans find their way to the recycling so the full environmental benefits are realised.”

Brenneis added: “For HEAD the performance of the product is paramount, and it goes without saying that the balls themselves remain unchanged. It’s a case of: same ball – better packaging. HEAD is committed to constantly improving its operational sustainability, and as part of this, we’re delighted to make it easy for tennis players to dispose of their HEAD tennis ball tins with a clear conscience. But for us, this is just a first step towards greater sustainability.”

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