Head launches Tennis Racquet Finder

HEAD has launched the Head Tennis Racquet Finder, an IBM Watson-enabled web tool that allows tennis enthusiasts around the world to find the perfect racquet for their specific needs.
The tool’s artificial intelligence-powered interface relies on IBM Watson technology to help consumers improve their game with the best equipment for their individual playing style.
Head has developed its own algorithm which uses its database of performance racquets to calculate a match percentage for each person’s racquet based on input such as gender, age, common errors, as well as experience level and technique preferences, like hitting flat or spin shots.
By tapping into IBM Watson, the Tennis Racquet Finder helps discover the most relevant results from this analysis.
By using the Watson Tradeoff Analytics API, the tool presents the top three recommended racquets, empowering users to make more informed purchase decisions.
Top suggestions are ranked according to Watson’s evaluations of the racquets, including parameters like weight, head size, string pattern, beam height, as well as calculations of their suitability for a user.
The HEAD Tennis Racquet Finder is available online here.

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