Hotshot partners with two-time Olympic medallist Gabby Thomas

HOTSHOT, the first sport shot scientifically proven to prevent and stop muscle cramps, has now applied the brand’s breakthrough science to a new product that helps reduce muscle soreness. HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness is the first sports shot designed specifically to address soreness caused by neurological hyperactivity during exercise.

How it Works

HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness was formulated using the brand’s core understanding of exercise induced neurological hyperactivity. A perfect complement to any pre-workout routine, taken 15 minutes before exercise, this 1.7oz shot works to calm hyperactive nerves that repeatedly pound fatiguing muscles during exercise. This scientific approach stops hyperactivity before it starts to preventively lessen next day pain. It was then amped up with 100% plant based and scientifically proven ingredients that boost the body’s production of Nitric Oxide to help reduce fatigue, increase recovery time and build stamina.

As part of marking the launch, the brand also announced a new partnership with two-time Olympic Medallist and American Track & Field Athlete, Gabby Thomas, as the brand’s newest HOTSHOT athlete. Thomas is a fervent believer in the product, using it on a regular basis to help with muscle soreness as part of her training.

“Muscle soreness effects almost everyone, from Elite endurance athletes to weekend warriors to casual gym goers. We’re thrilled to bring HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness to market and provide athletes at all levels with this sports shot to help reduce muscle soreness so they can keep doing what they love without the worry of soreness getting in their way,” said Matt Wohl, President and CEO of HOTSHOT. We are also especially excited to have Gabby as our newest HOTSHOT athlete — her Neurobiology degree from Harvard, coupled with her ultimate athleticism, make her the perfect person to help live and tell our brand story.”

“I’ve seen and trust the science behind HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness. It has truly changed the way I approach my training by helping reduce soreness between my workouts, allowing me to keep doing what I love without soreness holding me back.”

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