How does women’s sport leap to the next level?

Creating a bold, unapologetic and independently successful women’s sport ecosystem.

The Women’s Sport Trust has launched the Ambition Report, an unprecedented, bold initiative with tangible recommendations for the future of women’s sport.

Earlier this year, the Women’s Sport Trust convened 54 of the most influential players in the sports industry to take part in a series of discussions and to share their thoughts and experiences of women’s sport. The group included leaders from media, business, sports bodies, rights holders, agencies and brands.

It’s the first time such a powerful, cross-industry group has been convened in this way and the resulting discussions, which took place over the many months this summer, present an unparalleled picture of how the women’s sport in the UK can develop.

The resulting Ambition Report makes fascinating reading. Its recommendations and actions will help expand the women’s sport market with a positive shift in the media narrative, increased visibility of female athletes, greater investment and a leadership that is more accountable to prioritise women’s sport.

‘At the Women’s Sport Trust, we’ve always gone beyond simply highlighting issues’ said Tammy Parlour, the co-founder and CEO of the Women’s Sport Trust.

‘Our objective is to be proactive and enable the actions required for systemic change. This report crystalises that approach, with clear, simple, evidence-based recommendations that leaders can use to realise the value of women’s sport.’

‘As we enter 2021, this report creates a roadmap that leaders and their organisations can use to realise women’s sports full potential.’

The Ambition Report is free of charge and can be downloaded here:

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