How is Technology Helping People Optimise Their Fitness?

Only a decade ago, fitness enthusiasts had to gauge their own output from a workout. Some would rely on a Casio watch timer to give them an idea about how far they’d run, others would use their levels of gushing sweat as a barometer of exercise intensity. Nowadays, technology has answered a great number of questions about what happens to our bodies when training. This insight is helping people to optimise their fitness regimes and ensure that they are working out in a safe manner.

Technology is Changing the Game in Sport

Tech advancements are seeping into so many different areas of daily life, as inventors work out ways to enhance our existence. Digitalisation is becoming increasingly apparent in sport, where it has permeated the industry on every level. Ever since photo finish tech was introduced in horse racing, it was clear that the sport would be open to being improved by evolving equipment around it.

A lot of the tech advancements in sport have been in boosting the spectator experience. Horse racing betting is something that some bettors would claim they have developed into a fine art. By analysing the different factors that contribute towards a horse’s chances of winning, seasoned pros can make assured bets. But now, thanks to a complex algorithm, anyone can get access to a detailed analysis of this information. This can be used alongside William Hill horse racing betting tips to give bettors a greater chance of success when staking. Of course, the algorithm can’t predict the future, but it can make sound assertions based on the data.

Athletes Have More Insight Than Ever Before

Digitalisation isn’t just improving the viewing experience, though. It is also being used in training plans for professional athletes. The good news is that everyday people also have access to a lot of the tools that have been used to such great effect in sport.

The smartwatch market is growing, with 21 per cent of people now owning the wearable devices. The focus of this sector is on fitness, as gaming hasn’t been popular on the smaller screens. With the fitness industry also growing at an exceptional rate, smartwatch developers have been able to capitalise on this.

The features of smartwatches give people an incredible amount of insight into their training regime. One of the most important innovations for anyone that does a lot of cardio training has been the heart rate monitor. By regularly checking this, runners can make sure they stay in the right zones and don’t overexert themselves. Pushing the heart rate to the limit for too long can be dangerous, so this is crucial. Smartwatches also feed users data about their VO2max, which can be used a guide of general fitness as well as required recovery time.

By using a smartwatch that can provide a range of data about heart rate, oxygen levels, and overall time spent exercising, fitness enthusiasts can optimise their routines and know exactly what they need to do to improve. Anyone who trains on a regular basis should harness the power of tech to enhance their gains.

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