How to Encourage your Child to Take up Tennis

Tennis is a great sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Furthermore, it is a great way to get exercise and have fun with friends. Tennis is also a sport that can be played competitively at the professional level.

However, you may find it a bit challenging to convince your child to develop a liking for the sport. If that’s the case, these tips will help a great deal!

1. Try encouraging your child to play the game regularly

One way to encourage your child to take up tennis is by taking them to play on a regular basis. If you have access to nearby courts, then you should try and take your child there at least once or twice per week.

2. Try take advantage of online resources

You can also find different resources online that teach children how to play the game and offer tips for playing tennis in different environments.

You’d be surprised to learn that many of the tennis stars you see shining out here are self-taught by making use of online resources like YouTube tutorials and manuals.

3. Find tennis programs designed for kids

When it comes to getting children interested in a sport, it can be difficult to find the perfect program. When you are looking for tennis programs designed for kids, you will find that there are a number of different options available, especially if you want the best sports athletic flooring Utah so that you child is comfortable playing.

Some of these programs are designed for kids with disabilities, while others are geared towards helping kids learn about tennis and the skills needed to play. If your child is interested in taking up tennis as a hobby or even as a career, finding these programs might help them take the first step towards success.

4. Do not exaggerate

The first and most important thing to remember is that kids are not robots. They are not going to do what you tell them to do just because you demand it.

Children need encouragement, motivation and guidance. They need a push in the right direction. So if your child is not interested in playing tennis, don’t force them into it by exaggerating how great it will be for them and how much fun they will have. If you want your child to take up tennis, make sure that you show them the benefits of playing tennis instead of telling them about them.


To get your child to take up tennis, you should first show them the sport and give them a feel for it. When they are ready, introduce a tennis racket and ball to them. The next step is encouraging your child to hit the ball back and forth with you on the court.

These are just the basics, but when you combine these tips with these brief ones shared above, you will sit back and watch your child slowly but surely start falling in love with the sport instead of forcing it on them!

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