How Top Online Gamers Stay Fit When Offline

Being a professional online gamer might look easy – spending your working day lounging in a nice chair and playing games to your heart’s content – but just like any other job, it can begin to take a toll after a while.
This means that it is increasingly important for top gamers and Esports competitors to keep themselves in tip-top shape away from the online gaming lobbies, as such lifestyle choices will lead to them having better reactions, more energy; not to mention prolonged career longevity.

Here we take a look at exactly how some of the biggest names in the world of Esports and online gaming whip themselves into shape whether they are taking on incredible challenges like ultra-marathons or just chilling out in their very own private home gyms.
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There has been a push within the world of online gaming for players to remain as fit as possible so they can stay sharp when they pick their controller or mouse back up

Showing They Have the Stomach (or 6-Pack) for the Fight

One thing that can never be doubted about online gamers is their appetite for competition, with many engaging in multiple tournaments or battles within the space of one gaming session.
It is perhaps for this reason that some of their number decide to take the stakes up a notch by challenging their rivals to genuine combat away from the online sphere, in the likes of kickboxing rings and MMA octagons. A prime example of this has been KSI, who went from playing EA’s FIFA on YouTube to battling fellow social media star Logan Paul in not just one boxing match but two. Long before those battles took part, there was Twitch poker superstar Lex Veldhuis, who challenged a fellow pro player to a kickboxing match in 2011, which both men used their free time away from the online tables to train hard for. No doubt plenty more pro gamers will be lured to the idea of becoming the next gaming/Rocky crossover sensation in the near future.
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Hitting the step machine is just one of the many options open to pro gamers who are intent on increasing their daily step count

Esports Teams Recognize Importance of Overall Fitness
While individual players are becoming more and more aware of the benefits a healthy lifestyle can bring, there are some pro Esports teams which are now making it almost mandatory for their star players to remain in shape the year round.
This has been typified by some of the biggest names in the business like Fnatic ensuring that all their players have fully paid-up memberships to take advantage of. There is even now a Twitter hashtag – #healthygamer – for gamers to follow, which details the ways in which they can stay fit and healthy while hitting the heights of the online gaming trade.

Combining Fitness with Fresh Air
Until tech bods come up with a feasible way of gamers being able to play their games in the great outdoors, players will have to get their doses of fresh air and open skies away from their gaming setups.
The great thing about many athletic pursuits is that they take place outdoors, meaning gamers can kill two birds with one stone by not only getting outside for a bit, but staying fit in the process as well. Some of the sports that particularly lend themselves to this are rock climbing, trail running, and open water swimming.

AI-Fitness Apps Appeal to Gamers
As the Esports industry continues to grow at lightning speed, many Esports teams and individuals are signing huge amounts of lucrative endorsement contracts.
Some of these are increasingly connected to fitness, as has been proven by the one recently struck between Fnatic and AI-powered app Freeletics. Apps like this are perfect for gamers, not only because they are packed with the sort of tech that gamers love, but also because they can get help with everything from which exercises their bodies are capable of, what their cardio limits are, and figuring out what’s possible workout-wise when equipment in a gym is sparse.

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