hummel extends Denmark partnership until 2032

The deal will include all of the national teams

hummel and the Danish Football Association (DBU) have signed a letter of intent for entering into a new eight-year agreement, meaning that the iconic hummel chevrons will continue to adorn the Danish national team jerseys until the summer of 2032.

The agreement will encompass all Danish national football teams, DBU Football School, and referees, including equalizing bonus schemes for the women’s and men’s national teams.

When Pernille Harder, Christian Eriksen, and the rest of the players on the 16 Danish national football teams pull the red and white national jersey over their heads, it will still feature the hummel logo on the chest and iconic chevrons on the sleeves.

In a new, significant collaboration agreement, the Danish sportswear brand hummel and DBU have put their signatures to a letter of intent on an eight-year extension, meaning the parties soon will have commitments to each other until the summer of 2032.

In addition to a shared mission to unite and inspire the Danes under the red and white banners, hummel and DBU will use the new collaboration agreement to equalize bonus schemes for the women’s and men’s national teams. This development has generated great enthusiasm from DBU’s CEO, Erik Brøgger Rasmussen.

“Danish football and our national football teams are fantastic places with many active fans and impressive sporting results. We’ll be proud to continue having hummel as a partner and clothing brand, both for our football school children and referees and, especially, for all our national teams – now until 2032. We are particularly pleased that hummel, with the new agreement, has agreed to provide an equal-sized tournament bonus for both the women’s and men’s national teams. This is crucial for our work with football for everyone and a strong signal that gender equality is central – also in Danish football,” says Erik Brøgger Rasmussen.

hummel, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, initiated the first sponsorship with the men’s national team on January 1, 1979, and has been a loyal supplier of football attire to the Danish national teams, except for a period from 2004 to 2016. Behind the partnership lies deep emotions, camaraderie, and a history of victories.

“The Danish national football teams and DBU are an important part of our history, and it’s a great honour to have signed a letter of intent on an eight-year extension. In our view, you cannot mention DBU without mentioning hummel, and we’ll be incredibly proud to continue the strong collaboration for the benefit of Danish football. The extension will not only emphasize our commitment to the development of the sport but also our common goal of creating an inclusive football community for everyone. We’ll look forward to representing Danish football for another eight years, where we will be excited to create new and memorable moments together with the Danish fans,” says hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen.

The new collaboration agreement is comprehensive and covers the men’s national team, women’s national team, youth national teams, football schools, as well as a range of joint initiatives targeted at Danish fans.

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